New Patients

New Patient Referral


Pain Management will accept self-referral for patients in pain and seeking pain management services. We have the capability to diagnose and treat most painful conditions. New patients can call Grove Road at 864-242-6447 and ask for New Patient Referrals. We accept cash pay patients (with a deposit) and almost all insurance plans including Medicaid and Medicare

Physician Referral

We are happy to provide pain management for patients with a variety of chronic pain needs with most insurance accepted. Please fill out this form and fax it to the number on the form.

For new patient consultation we try to see new patients within 7 days of referral and will provide multiple modalities for relief of pain. We accept priority referrals for no wait. Referrals can consider medical pain management, chiropractic, active rehabilitation, spinal cord stimulator, pain pump or injection/interventional therapies. You may specify the physician or indicate the reason for referral and have our referrals specialist choose the physician. We are happy to accept referrals from internists and family physicians, orthopedics, ER doctors, rheumatology, surgeons with complicated patients, or for any physician who does not incorporate chronic pain management into their practice.

Thank you for your referral.